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e3 Solutions Produced Water Evaporation Systems

  • The least expensive and most efficient evaporation technology
  •  Lowest maintenance and electrical cost
  •  Permittable, compliant approaches to wastewater disposal management
  •  Meets zero discharge criteria
  •  Evaporation, aeration, and bioremediation
  •  Patented Enhanced Evaporation Technology
  •  The only rotary atomizer that can manipulate droplet micron size by varying speed without changing the water throughput
  •  Evaporation system capacities range from 20 GPM to well over 10,000 GPM

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Industry Leading Wastewater Evaporation Systems

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We have solved, designed, and sold customized evaporation solutions to wastewater managers around the globe!  Our efforts have dramatically decreased our clients’ costs, as well as their water footprints.


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