A Better Alternative to Deep Well Injection

While it’s considered relatively safe to dispose of wastewater via deep well injection, it is not without risks– financially, environmentally, and in the public eye. Deep well injection requires proper location, management, and regulation to protect the environment. Mishaps in those areas can lead to environmental contamination and EPA fines. Because of the potential for groundwater contamination, the public often negatively perceives deep well injection. 

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Even without mishaps, injection wells remove water from the hydrologic cycle, reducing the amount of water available for human use. There is no need to take such risks or to limit available water. Wastewater evaporation is a safer long-term alternative. e3 Solutions evaporators offer unparalleled efficiency and affordability. 

Our patented evaporator systems manage industrial and commercial wastewater in most types of weather, including high humidity.


Deep Well Injection vs Evaporation 

Injection wells send wastewater and its pollutants into deep, porous underground formations such as sandstone or limestone. This takes water out of the earth’s hydrologic cycle, further reducing the measly 1% of the planet’s water fit for human use. This is important, as an EPA study showed concern for keeping pure water in the hydrologic system vs. sending it underground with pollutants. 

On the other hand, evaporation systems convert liquid into vapor, leaving behind salts, heavy metals, and hazardous materials while meeting zero discharge criteria. This method helps maintain our current hydrologic cycle levels.

The e3 Solutions Advantage

Our team of “biowaste scientists turned innovative entrepreneurs” is changing how industries handle wastewater challenges with our patented technologies. Our equipment is suitable for various industries and all types of weather. 

We are also committed to helping you acquire this technology without a high cost to your bottom line. We will help you find the right product and understand how it can reduce your wastewater treatment costs. Through our partnership with Crest Capital Financing, you can also choose easy payment plans. 

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Benefits and Capabilities of Our Evaporators

e3 Solutions’ evaporators offer long-term savings by reducing operational costs compared to other evaporators and methods. e3 evaporators come in variable sizes to cater to a range of applications, from industrial processes to municipal wastewater treatment.

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Varimax™ V-40

The Varimax™ V-40 is an economical and eco-friendly solution for enhanced wastewater evaporation. It serves as the foundation for larger setups demanding increased evaporation capacities and is tailored for wastewater management initiatives.

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Varimax™ T-Mister 

The Varimax™ T-Mister is customized for land-based projects using gravity-fed piping. This plug-and-play evaporation system offers a lightweight, dependable, and cost-effective option. It is also available with or without a control panel. 

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Varimax™ V-Mini 

The Varimax™ V-Mini is designed for smaller applications where the benefits of a portable, lightweight unit are needed; it is ideal for both permanent fixtures and temporary setups. It is available with or without an environmental control panel. 

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The MegaMist is a customizable installation consisting of six or more Varimax units. It is custom-designed for each individual application. The optimal system for large industrial applications demanding optimal evaporation.

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Our Evaporation Technologies

Maximize efficiency and minimize environmental impact with e3 Solutions' Evaporation Technologies, leading the way in innovative wastewater management solutions.

Brine Evaporation

Capable of evaporating wastewater with high or low pH and challenging levels of TSS and TDS. Our machines are constructed to resist corrosion and scaling.

Mechanical Water Evaporation

Our enhanced evaporative systems operate by mechanically breaking water into tiny droplets, rapidly transforming liquid to vapor for maximum evaporation. The size of these droplets is crucial, as they need to absorb enough energy from the air to vaporize before returning to the water source. Our systems achieve high efficiency by fracturing water into micro-droplets that evaporate quickly. e3 Solutions' systems produce droplets ranging from 70 to 125 microns on average.


e3 Solutions Case Studies 

Evaporation Case Study

e3 Solutions conducts research and development activities with a pond located in Dade City, FL. This case study confirms the evaporation rate obtained by the patented Varimax™ technology during optimal evaporation periods.

Droplet Size Study

This study provides conclusive evidence supporting the emission-free performance of our atomizer, confirming that it produces particles within the range of  2.5 PM to 10 PM. This report will present detailed findings, including average micron spectra across different water flows and atomizer speeds. These results underscore the effectiveness and safety of our atomizer technology, offering valuable insights for both research and practical applications.

Free Weather Analysis

We offer a free weather analysis that can provide details about the type and expectations of our evaporators for your location. Based on the area that your project is located in, one of our experts will get back to you with anticipated evaporation percentages.

Why choose e3 Solutions

Our team has over 12 years of experience in the wastewater evaporation industry. Our patented, remote-controlled, smart technologies are changing the way industries handle their wastewater challenges.

Our designs allow you to decrease your water footprint by leveraging the highest enhanced evaporation rates. Our systems also provide control of over-spray and weather changes for maximum operation while preventing clogging or buildup in high TDS applications

As a leader in the field, e3 Solutions designs, manufactures, and distributes advanced wastewater evaporation systems customized for diverse wastewater management needs in a variety of industries such as:

  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining
  • Power Plants
  • Food & Beverage
  • RO Reject
  • Storm-Water Management
  • Landfill-Leachate
  • and more
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