E3 Solutions Dives Into International Waters

E3 Solutions Dives Into International Waters


Tampa Bay Business Journal interviews E3 Solutions' CEO Kevin King about the company's new global locations

A Tampa-based wastewater services company is diving into international waters. 

E3 Solutions LLC, a designer, manufacturer and distributor of wastewater evaporation equipment, recently partnered with five international companies including ones in Brazil, Mexico and Tunisia. Financial terms were not disclosed.


“It's water; it's usually in the news every day,” E3 CEO Kevin King said. “It's a massive industry and I like to say it's the next gold rush, whether you're trying to get clean water or dispose of it.”


“That's where our niche in the environment is: Out of all the other treatment processes ours has always been the least expensive method per gallon versus any other competition,” King said. “And it keeps hydrology in the cycle so we have a sustainable model that way, versus injecting it in the ground or storing it.”

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