There are 3 main reasons why e3 Solutions is the best decision for your Wastewater Disposal challenges.


  1. e3 Solutions -- Overview
  2. Wastewater Disposal: The Problem
  3. Why Evaporation?
  4. Wastewater Solutions
  5. Water Evaporation - Case Study
  6. Enhanced Evaporation
  7. Produced Water Evaporation
  8. Brine Evaporation
  9. Mechanical Water Evaporation

e3 Solutions -- Overview


e3 Solutions LLC "e3" is a wastewater disposal manufacturing company offering the most efficient and effective Enhanced Evaporation System on the global market. e3 is a designer, manufacturer, distributor, and proprietary owner of wastewater evaporation equipment solutions to complex wastewater challenges mainly for a wide variety of industries, like the oil & gas, mining, power plants, food and beverage, RO reject, storm-water management, wastewater treatment, and landfill-leachate.  

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Wastewater Disposal: The Problem

Wastewater Disposal Challenges:

The main issue with natural evaporation is the requirement for a large water surface area. Evaporation ponds have been used for hundreds of years, and due to local climatic conditions, they have variable levels of performance.  In dry conditions, evaporation ponds provide increased and favorable performance.  However, in rainy conditions and colder temperatures, the evaporation performance will be lower. Waster Disposal IMG_3775

Billions of gallons of water are removed each year from the hydrologic cycle and injected into underground formations, thousands of feet below the surface of the earth.  Hydrologists agree that there is approximately less than 1% usable water for humans on our planet.  With proven enhanced evaporation methods, why continue sending this precious resource underground out of the hydrologic cycle?

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New EPA Injection Well Study Points to Keeping The Injected Water In The Hydrologic Cycle

Why Evaporation?

Evaporation for Wastewater Disposal:

Evaporation is considered the most efficient and environmentally sustainable process in an increasing number of wastewater treatment applications.

  • It is the most effective way to remove salts, heavy metals, and various hazardous materials from water solutions.
  • It may also be used to recover useful by-products from a solution or to concentrate liquid wastes before additional treatment and final disposal.
During evaporation, a solution is concentrated when a portion of the solvent, usually water, is vaporized, leaving behind a saline liquor that contains virtually all the dissolved solids, or solute, from the original feed. The process may be carried out naturally in solar evaporation ponds or by commercially available evaporation equipment. However, it is known that natural evaporation of ponds do not satisfy the elevated wastewater production rates needed in industries, cities, municipalities, and needed landfill leachate management.

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e3 Solutions Evaporation Systems

Wastewater Solutions

e3 Solutions - The Best Wastewater Evaporation Solution:

e3 helps companies manage their polluted water and decrease the total wastewater volume through e3's patented Enhanced Evaporation Systems capacity to return pure water to the natural hydrologic cycle. e3 Solutions' evaporation technology is the most cost-effective and sustainable way to dispose of wastewater in today's global market.

Watch the video: Wastewater Evaporation

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e3 Solutions’ Success Case Study: Village Wastewater Treatment Plant
The Applications of e3 Solutions’ Enhanced Evaporating System

Water Evaporation - Case Study

How does Water Evaporation work?:

Evaporation is considered the most efficient and environmentally sustainable process in an increasing number of wastewater treatment applications. 

This resource will explain how accelerating natural evaporation in high humilities is often a difficult task. However, our case study shows that by using e3 Solution's industry leading technology, great results are achieved.

Download the: Free Study about e3's evaporators Empirical Evaporation Capacity 


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Why Enhance Evaporation works -- Part 2

Enhanced Evaporation

Industry Leader in Enhanced Wastewater Management Solutions:

e3 Solutions offers one of the most effective wastewater management solutions changing the way industry handles wastewater challenges. We are the only company worldwide using mechanical water fracturing through rotary atomization to dispose of wastewater. Our systems generate and utilize the natural water evaporation phenomenon to return pure water vapor to the hydrologic cycle. e3’s Evaporator Systems  

Watch the video: Overspray Control

Blog: e3 Solutions' Rotary Atomizer vs Competitive Pressure Nozzles

Video Tour

Benefits of Enhanced Evaporation
Why Enhance Evaporation works -- Part 1

Produced Water Evaporation

Produced Water Evaporation Systems:

e3 Solutions has pioneered the use of using mechanical water fracturing through rotary atomization to dispose of wastewater. e3’s patented Varimax and MegaMist Varimax Evaporator Systems provide a real cost-saving solution by allowing to evaporate produced water in a wide variety of locations worldwide. Our system uses a proprietary water-cooled electric motor with corrosion-resistant components, and comparably robust parts and building materials throughout the build of our evaporator units. These sturdy construction materials allow operation in harsh environments with minimum scaling and maintenance.  


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Varimax-40 Enhanced Evaporator vs Trucking & Injection Cost
Produced Water Evaporation in Midland Texas

Brine Evaporation

Brine Water Evaporation Technology:

e3 Solutions' patented technology is marine-grade aluminum coated with Nyalic or stainless steel, UV stabilized, and chemical resistant. It requires little or no service for thousands of trouble-free operating hours as they practically eliminate the possibility of clogged nozzles, wear issues, and high maintenance requirements.

Learn more about the differences between rotary atomization and pressurized nozzles

MegaMist-420 Unlike conventional evaporator equipment, the e3 Solutions Evaporation Systems do not rely on nozzle geometry or auxiliary pumps to create a spray through a fixed orifice. The e3 Solutions’ Varimax® and MegaMist Evaporator mechanically break the water down to fine droplets; therefore, effectively and efficiently operate with abrasive, viscous, high TDS, and corrosive liquids.


Blog: e3 Solutions' Rotary Atomizer vs Competitive Pressure Nozzles

e3 Solutions’ Overspray Control System
e3 Solutions' Droplet Size Study

Mechanical Water Evaporation

Mechanical Water Evaporation Influences Water Droplet Size To Achieve High Efficiency:

The Varimax® and MegaMist Evaporative Systems operate by mechanically fracturing the water into small droplets and disperses them to ambient air. The fractured water droplets can quickly change from liquid to vapor, allowing maximum evaporation phenomenon to occur.

The size of the water droplet discharged is incredibly essential, as the mass of water must extract enough energy from the surrounding air to vaporize before dropping back into the pond or the area where the water atomizes. The Varimax® and MegaMist Systems achieve high efficiency because it fractures the water into significantly smaller droplets that quickly vaporize. e3's average droplet spectra range from 70 to 125 microns.


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e3 Solutions’ Technology- The Varimax and MegaMist Evaporators
Mechanical Enhanced Evaporation – The Lowest Wastewater Disposal Cost

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