Cleaning wastewater can improve evaporation rates, eliminate odors and provide water for reuse. Unchecked organic solids, hydrocarbons, and other contaminants in wastewater often diminish natural and forced evaporation efforts. Additionally, these contaminants create noxious odors; high COD (chemical oxygen demand), and other water quality measures that are undesirable and can create regulatory issues.

E3 Solutions has proprietary blends of odor neutralizing, water-cleaning microbes and enhancers that can be applied depending on wastewater conditions. These naturally occurring bacteria are ideally suited for degrading petroleum, refined hydrocarbon fractions, and many organic compounds such as surfactants, amines, alcohols, esters, ketones, BTXE’s, phenols, and aromatic hydrocarbons.


After analyzing your wastewater and determining its cleaning potential, we may recommend additional bioremediation to improve water cleanliness as part of the solution. In addition to providing more efficient evaporation, proper bioremediation will reduce or eliminate odor and even allow for water reuse.

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