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Produced Water Solutions 

Wastewater solutions have recently become the focus for the oil and gas industry. The scale and impact of “produced water” by the industry have long been misunderstood, or rather, not fully comprehended. Only up until recently has research concluded just how important wastewater control is for the oil and gas industry particularly.

By utilizing e3 Solutions' wastewater evaporation systems, Oil & Gas companies will reduce trucking expenses and eliminate the need for injection wells. Our enhanced evaporation systems are ideal for maintaining water levels in any sized pond and are the only evaporator on the market with a patented rotary atomizer that manipulates droplet size by varying speed without changing the water throughput.

Our evaporators allow for automatic operational control in the event of rapidly changing weather. The evaporator system removes salts, heavy metals, and hazardous materials from water while meeting zero discharge criteria; being a permittable solution to your wastewater disposal operation.

Why Evaporation for Oil & Gas Applications?

As more is understood about the impact of eliminating produced water, there is increased urgency to find solutions beyond traditional injection wells. More industries are leaning toward greater environmental sustainability. Industry stakeholders are becoming better stewards of their environment by finding new solutions in this evolving landscape.

Why Choose e3 Solutions?

e3 Solutions has a proven, innovative, and economical solution – enhanced evaporation systems. Our evaporators, Varimax and MegaMist, are specifically designed to handle the high TDS and TSS of oil and gas wastewater while streamlining operational costs.

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