Oil and Gas

Wastewater solutions has recently become a top priority for the oil and gas industry. The scale and impact of “produced water” by the industry, has long been misunderstood, or rather, not fully comprehended. Only up until recently, has research concluded just how important wastewater control is, for the oil and gas industry especially.

As more is being understood about the impact of the produced water, there is increased urgency to find solutions beyond traditional injection wells. Politics are pushing towards environmental sustainability. Industry stakeholders must find solutions to adhere to these new rules and regulations, because operating under these conditions are tight and very costly.

E3 Solutions has an innovative, environmental and economical solution – enhanced evaporation. Our evaporators, Varimax and Mega Mist, are specifically designed to handle the high TDS and TSS of oil and gas wastewater – Keeping more water in the hydrologic cycle and keeping more money in your pocket.

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