Waste water treatment

Wastewater treatment plants’ ultimate goal is to effectively and efficiently treat water so that it can be recycled safely back into the environment. This industry was designed to positively impact the environment by returning water to the earth; however, this process comes with its’ own many challenges and pollutants.

The increasing demand to reuse water requires better wastewater treatment. Energy consumption, staffing needs, and the environmental footprint that wastewater plants call for are the most impactful challenges – All the while meeting regulatory standards.

E3 Solutions’ innovative wastewater treatment technology helps treatment plants manage all of these challenges. Our Varimax and MegaMist evaporation systems are designed to lower energy consumption, increase automation and lessen the impact of treatments’ environmental footprint.

With our technology, treatment plant operators can cost-effectively and efficiently treat high TDS and TSS wastewater, while also meeting mandated discharge requirements such as the Zero Liquid Discharge regulations. Don’t be blindsided by unexpected demands on your plant any longer. Get equipped with E3 Solutions.

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