Enhanced Evaporation Lowest Wastewater Treatment Cost

Enhanced Evaporation Lowest Wastewater Treatment Cost

When considering wastewater treatment cost, enhanced evaporation should be at the forefront of your discussion since the per 1000 gallons of evaporated wastewater is the lowest in the marketplace.  Usually, evaporation ponds are designed and engineered solely on local pan evaporation rates.  However, adding an efficient enhanced evaporation system will accelerate removal and withdraw the burden of stopping production or adding additional ponds to increase production and holding capacity.


Water balances are critical concerns to operations and profits as they are rising the energy cost along with sustainable approaches such as keeping purified H20 in the hydrologic cycle.  As such, enhanced evaporation is among the most discussed and viable options for wastewater engineers and operators.  Compared to some of today's popular systems such as reverse osmosis, brine concentrators, and Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR), all with extremely high capital and operating costs.  


For costing purposes, E3 facilitates to all customers and prospects a spreadsheet with the operational costs related to E3 Solutions' Evaporation Systems.  For example, in places like Texas and Arizona, the evaporation efficiencies often average above 70% and $0.04 per evaporated barrel. Thus,  E3's technology has a very low operating cost per gallon of evaporated wastewater, along with the sustainable factors of keeping purified H20 in our hydrologic cycle. These factors should make E3’s enhanced evaporation systems high on your wastewater treatment system considerations. Please contact us to discuss your next enhanced evaporation project.


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