Environmental Benefits of Enhanced Evaporation

Environmental Benefits of Enhanced Evaporation

E3 Solutions is a Tampa based company focused on providing smarter choices for wastewater management. Our biowaste scientists turned innovative entrepreneurs have a combined 50+ years of experience in the wastewater management industry, and our technology reflects that. As we continue to design intelligent and intuitive solutions, such as our Varimax and MegaMist technology, discover how E3 Solutions helps to positively impact the health of our environment now.


Sustainable Solutions for Every Industry


Whether your business is within the oil and gas industry, mining, landfills, power plants, wastewater treatment, turnkey solutions, farm and ranching, or other industries- E3 has your solution.


We offer highly customizable solutions for wastewater by offering easy plug and play designs suited best for you. Through intensive research, our wastewater technology keeps your daily operational rates as low as $4.00. 


Additionally, our versatile technology is resistant to heavy metals, salts, corrosion, and other harmful chemicals commonly present in wastewater. The lifespan of our technology, coupled with the ability to minimize waste footprint within a wastewater body helps you to maximize your operations, while minimizing damaging effects to the environment.


E3 returns only pure water particles back to the atmosphere, allowing heavier waste particulates to fall back into the wastewater footprint. This ensures that harmful pollution does not enter the atmosphere, while simultaneously minimizing your overall carbon footprint contributing to wastewater management.


How it Works


Through the use of our high-tech, heavily researched technology, E3 came up with a simple solution to a complex problem. Our Varimax and MegaMist technology utilizes rotation mechanics and centrifugal force to fracture water into micron-droplet size mist (that’s nearly 39 millionths of an inch), which helps optimize the evaporation results for any wastewater disposal project. Each of our evaporator models are manufactured with energy-efficient atomizers and hubs controlled from a convenient UL certified control panel designed to achieve the best evaporation rates in every weather condition. 


The pumped wastewater is distributed among the atomizers and hubs for atomization into the necessary micron-droplet size that maximize evaporation. Here, we tap into our real-time wind data censored by the control panel’s anemometer to adjust the atomization droplet size. This effectively evaporates pure water vapor back to the hydrologic cycle while separating the impurities, all within your footprint area. This level of droplet size adjustment precision is only achieved with E3’s patented evaporators, and through our expert team who customizes each piece of equipment to your real operational weather and wind conditions. 






Getting to the Facts

According to the University of Michigan’s Center for Sustainable Systems, “53% of river and stream miles, 71% of lake acres, 80% of estuarine square miles, and 98% of Great Lakes shoreline miles that have been assessed are classified as impaired (unacceptable for at least one designated use) by the EPA.” This issue highlights the dire need for wastewater solutions that protect our environment from harmful pollutants. 


Zero Liquid Discharge


In addition to returning only pure water vapor back into the atmosphere, this addition of water vapor assists in cooling the immediate environment, creating clean clouds, reducing environmental temperatures, and ensuring cleaner air surrounding the wastewater footprint. In fact, “Carnegie’s Global Ecology Department concludes that evaporated water helps cool the earth as a whole, not just the local area of evaporation, demonstrating that evaporation of water from trees and lakes could have a cooling effect on the entire atmosphere (Carnegie Science, 2011). Forced evaporation of pure water vapor from wastewater bodies creates yet another source for cooling the environment. This creates a healthier work environment for your employees, as well as healthier conditions in your community. Wouldn’t it be great to say your company is taking part in driving sustainable initiatives in your industry?



Water's Phase Changes

Charles Floyd; The AMS Weather Book, re-created with permission of the American Meteorological Society



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