Reasons Why Enhanced Evaporation Works: Part 3

Reasons Why Enhanced Evaporation Works: Part 3

E3 Solutions is back with our final post in the series, Reasons Why Enhanced Evaporation Works! If you missed Part 1 or Part 2, don’t worry, as we have these posts available on our blog here


Today we’ll review the diverse applications of our versatile technologies- the Varimax and MegaMist Enhanced Evaporation Systems. Let’s dive into the revolutionary features of our environmentally friendly wastewater solutions and who can benefit from their utilization.


Designed for Diversity

The Varimax and MegaMist both have plug and play features, making them entirely customizable and functional for any number of jobs.

  • Our technology’s cost-efficiency is one of it’s most enticing features, operating at rates as low as only $4.00 per day!
  • The modular design of our evaporator models allow for easy conversion of technology for a wide variety of wastewater needs.
  • The Varimax and MegaMist are capable of functioning in various weather conditions.
  • Easy maintenance means more money saved in the long run. Our ‘no-nozzle’ designs are resistant to the corrosion and scaling caused by harsh components found in wastewater, such as concentrated salts, metals, organic and inorganic materials.

Tailored for Any Task

Thanks to the numerous plug and use features associated with our one-of-a-kind forced evaporation wastewater technology, we’re able to take our tech across a wide variety of industries. The Varimax and MegaMist offers sensible, sustainable solutions for oil & gas, landfills, mining, power plants, farming & ranches, and more! While these particular industries have high need for wastewater and produced byproduct control, they are not the only industries in need of economically and ecologically friendly wastewater solutions. 


ANY industry that generates water as a byproduct of production can benefit from our technology.


Advantages for All

Once installed, E3’s smart technology gets to work separating the pure water from its contaminated counterparts and return it as pure water vapor back into the atmosphere. The heavier waste matter falls back into the wastewater body while the light, pure water vapor returns to the hydrologic cycle. Research has shown that various forms of evaporation aids in cooling our global climate.


More than ever before, consumers look for eco-minded company initiatives to aid in protecting our environment and planet. The Varimax and MegaMist Technology offers a win-win design for both businesses and the environment. 


E3 Solutions offers the following benefits for overhead:

  • Greater wastewater capacity without a need for increased physical space.
  • Less maintenance with low operational costs.
  • Addition of an ecologically friendly solution that enhances the sustainability of your business model, and provides opportunity for offsetting your water and carbon footprint. 
  • Technology versatility allows for the scaling of production efforts over time without the need to replace equipment completely. Simply upgrade and customize your installed equipment by contacting our world-class team.
  • We offer additional wastewater solutions, such as Aeration and Diffusion and Bioremediation to assist in the reduction of wastewater odor and maximize evaporation rates.

A Solution Second to None

E3 Solutions is proud to offer our customers peace of mind that they are investing in their own growth, as well as a cleaner environment. Our company goal is to provide a solution to everyone and uphold our ethical duty to protect our planet. To find out more about our efforts, feel free to contact our team now, or view our free resources available now. Let us help your business thrive the right way.

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