Reasons Why Enhanced Evaporation Works: Part 2

Reasons Why Enhanced Evaporation Works: Part 2

Welcome back to our three part Evaporation Works Series! If you missed part one, feel free to jump back and start from the beginning. E3 Solutions, a Tampa based wastewater industry pioneer, focuses on the most eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions to your wastewater management. With revolutionary technology developed over our company’s 10 years of operation, we are driven to provide a modern solution that maintains optimum efficiency anywhere in the world: enhanced evaporation.


The Efficiency of Evaporation


Evaporation is a natural process that returns pure water vapor back to the atmosphere and the hydrologic cycle. The phenomena of water evaporation leaves heavier particulate behind, which allows for a natural purification process to occur. However, different climate temperatures, moisture indexes, and overcast all factor into how much water evaporates naturally in any given area.


E3 Solutions is an enhanced evaporation specialist that researches and creates revolutionary technology to enhance evaporation rates specifically in the wastewater management market. Their technology is simple to install, utilizes a state-of-the-art control panel, and is the only enhanced evaporation technology in the world that utilizes rotation mechanics and centrifugal force to fracture water into micron-droplet size mist, allowing for pure water vapor to return to the atmosphere, and the heavier waste particulate to fall back into the wastewater body. This allows for more waste storage per square foot, less atmospheric pollution, and reduced overhead costs.


How We Save You Money


E3 Solutions is the only mutually beneficial solution for the environment and your wallet. Here’s how our Varimax and MegaMist save the planet and stretch your dollar at the same time.


  • Technology Built to Last: All of our technology is built to be clog and corrosion resistant. Also, E3 ensures equipment built with resistance to saline and inorganic chemicals found in numerous types of wastewater. Our designs eliminate the need for consistent and costly maintenance, enhancing overall productivity and letting you focus on what matters most- operating your business’s day to day. With less build-up, our products can work harder, better, and longer than other options on the market today!


  • Smarter Technology: Our wastewater solutions have the capability to adapt in real time to relative humidity, dew point, air temperature, as well as wind direction and speed. In addition, the Varimax and MegaMist operate using adjustable arms and atomizers in order to control overspray and particle drift. This ensures your waste matter stays right where it belongs- in your wastewater footprint and out of the atmosphere! With technology that knows how to adjust itself for optimum performance, you will see less energy consumption and more results.


  • Decrease Your Wastewater Footprint: There is nothing worse than underutilizing the resources available to your company. That’s why taking advantage of the square footage allotted to your company for wastewater is critical. Enhanced evaporation acts as a means to consolidate your waste particulate by removing pure water from the wastewater pond. This facilitates your business’s waste matter storage needs without needing to expand upon your physical land requirements.


  • A Sustainable Business Initiative: Green business initiatives are being rewarded by our government and private companies alike more than ever before. E3’s wastewater technology is a powerful addition to any business’s sustainability plans and green function. Our Varimax and MegaMist both use less energy, are auto-adaptive, mitigate pollution, and cause less damage to the surrounding environment. Adding pure water vapor back into the hydrologic cycle aids in cooling the immediate area, and enhanced evaporation helps to keep up with increasing business function and waste removal demands. Our technology is capable of handling the pollutants built up in wastewater, making our product efficiency stay optimal longer. Overall, E3 Solutions’s technology is one of the only product lines on the global market that can move your business in the direction of a green business recognition- a must in today’s world!



E3 is Here to Help Everyone

People care about a business’s ethical actions more so than ever before. That’s why obtaining a wastewater solution that is cost-effective, technically efficient, and environmentally-friendly is a game changer for your operational needs. To learn more about how E3 can support your business’s efforts in minimizing your waste footprint, try our free weather analysis!

Stay tuned for our 3rd and final part of our Evaporation Works Series, where we’ll delve into the different applications and versatility of our wastewater technology! Contact us today to find out the extensive benefits our technology will have for your business.

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