Reasons Why Enhanced Evaporation Works: Part 1

Reasons Why Enhanced Evaporation Works: Part 1

Reasons Why Enhanced Evaporation Works: Part 1


E3 Solutions is a Tampa based company focused on effective and efficient evaporation solutions. Our biowaste scientists turned innovative entrepreneurs have a combined 50+ years of experience in the wastewater management industry, and our technology reflects that. We’ve put together a three part series to help explain what exactly enhanced evaporation is, and how we have the number one cost beneficial and ecologically conscious evaporation technology on the market today.


How Our Technology Works


Our Varimax and MegaMist technology utilizes rotation mechanics and centrifugal force to fracture water into micron-droplet size mist (that’s nearly 39 millionths of an inch), which helps optimize the evaporation results for any wastewater disposal project. Each of our evaporator models are manufactured with energy-efficient atomizers and hubs controlled from a convenient UL certified control panel designed to achieve the best evaporation rates in every weather condition.


The Varimax and MegaMist are equipped with a high-quality pump and piping that’s resistant to varying pH levels and elevated TDS and TSS concentrations. This means longer lasting products that require less maintenance to get the job done well! The pumped wastewater is distributed among the atomizers and hubs for atomization into the necessary micron-droplet size that maximize the evaporation of any given wastewater around the world! Here, we tap into our real-time wind data censored by the control panel’s anemometer to adjust the atomization droplet size. This effectively evaporates pure water vapor back to the hydrologic cycle while separating the impurities, all within your footprint area. This level of droplet size adjustment precision is only achieved with E3’s patented evaporators, and through our experienced representatives who customize every piece of equipment to your real operational weather and wind conditions.


Disposing of Wastewater and Acquiring Environmental Positive Habits


There are many benefits to the processes we utilize at E3 Solutions. We care deeply about providing an environmentally conscious and ethical wastewater management solution that is practical to implement in a variety of industries, while doing the most for our planet’s health.


  • Clean Water Byproduct: The Varimax and MegaMist separate pure water vapor from all contaminants of the wastewater. This ensures that only clean, safe water is returned to the hydrologic cycle, and not carrying anything dangerous along with it. The ability for E3’s evaporator models to adjust to real time environmental conditions also makes it an ecologically conscious and sustainable wastewater disposal option. The evaporated pure water vapor cools the environment as it enters the atmosphere, and aids in the collective effort to combat global warming.


  • Minimization of Wastewater Footprint: We ensure that your wastewater body is easy to contain and takes up less surface area for greater waste capacity. E3’s evaporators remove large portions of the pure water occurring in wastewater and return it back into the atmosphere as pure water vapor. By removing pure water from the wastewater itself, that leaves a smaller volume of wastewater behind- meaning more waste capacity per square foot for your company!


  • Control of Pollutants: The ability to adjust the height of each unit’s arms and speed of our atomizers allows for consistent control of contaminants. Waste particles will naturally separate from the pure water vapor and fall back to the wastewater containment area without any overspray. These two functionalities are crucial to ensure that we do not needlessly harm the environment or negatively impact our world. That’s what makes this solution have such a positive environmental impact!


  • Resilient Equipment: Our high-quality equipment is the industry’s best and most clog and corrosion resistant on the global market today. This means less maintenance costs for your company, as well as less production requirements on our end. Our technology’s manufacturing method produces long-lasting equipment that doesn’t carelessly use our earth’s precious resources.


Interested in finding out more about our impressive, one-of-a-kind technology? Contact us today to discover how we can support your business’s wastewater management needs. If you’re interested in learning more about our latest research, please feel free to explore our complementary resources. Also, see how our revolutionary technology operates with our video!


E3 Solutions is passionate about making sustainable options available for wastewater management in your industry. We look forward to sharing Part 2 of our Evaporation Works Series next time as we dive more in depth about our cost-effectiveness and evaporation efficiency!


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