Salt Drift: Surprisingly Short Hang Times

Salt Drift: Surprisingly Short Hang Times

One of the biggest questions I always get asked from potential clients wanting to incorporate enhanced evaporation equipment, is the containment of salt drift from high TDS waste streams. As technology improves and more studies evolve, one thing is for sure, salt is always in the atmosphere, mostly from the salt loading from the ocean due to natures design. Surprisingly, models and observations have proved tiny micron particles return to the sea in a short time frame.


When deciding on wastewater treatment methods using enhanced evaporation equipment like the e3 Solutions technology, understanding the salt drift and salt in the surrounding environment can help guide the discussion during the environmental permitting phase of your project. Varimax Atomizers have an average micron spectrum between 70-120 microns, which is a sweet spot for higher evaporation rates and also for staying above the 50-micron droplet threshold from creating PM10 and PM2.5. In addition to meeting permittable micron water droplet spectrums above 50 microns, e3's patented atomizer allows users custom site-specific inputs to control water droplet size based on wind speeds to control potential drift. Any drift associated with the e3's system will enable the user ultimate control of keeping particulate drift within containment areas.


e3 Solutions highly recommends using qualified permitting experts when discussing emissions from industrial evaporation ponds. e3's industry-leading systems have proven permittable in most applications.


Please enjoy the video below of e3's Varimax atomizers displaying the use of water droplet sizing control during overspray conditions.

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