Enhanced Evaporation Works Part. 1

Enhanced Evaporation Works Part. 1

e3 Solutions is a Tampa-based company that specializes in providing efficient and effective evaporation solutions for wastewater management. Our innovative technology has been designed by biowaste scientists and entrepreneurs who have over 50 years of experience in the industry. In this three-part series, we will explain enhanced evaporation and how our technology is the number one cost-effective and environmentally conscious solution on the market.


How Our Evaporation Technology Works


Our Varimax® and MegaMist® evaporation systems use rotation mechanics and centrifugal force to break down water into tiny micron-droplet mists, which significantly optimize evaporation results for any wastewater disposal project. Each of our evaporator models features energy-efficient atomizers and hubs that are controlled by a fully integrated, remote capable, control panel. This ensures that the best evaporation rates are achieved in every weather condition.


The Varimax® and MegaMist® models are equipped with high-quality pumps and piping that can withstand varying pH levels and elevated concentrations of TDS and TSS. This results in equipment that lasts longer and requires less maintenance. The pumped wastewater is distributed among the atomizers and hubs for atomization into micron-droplets that maximize evaporation efficiency. We use real-time wind data sensored by the control panel's anemometer to adjust the atomization droplet size, which ensures the most effective evaporation of any given wastewater.


Positive Environmental Habits in Evaporating Wastewater


At e3 Solutions, we care deeply about providing an environmentally conscious and ethical wastewater management solution that is practical to implement in various industries. Our evaporation technology offers many benefits, including:


  • Clean water byproduct: Our Varimax® and MegaMist® technology separates pure water vapor from all wastewater contaminants. This ensures that only clean, safe water is returned to the hydrologic cycle, reducing the environmental impact of wastewater management.
  • Minimization of wastewater footprint: Our evaporators remove large portions of pure water from wastewater and return it to the atmosphere as water vapor, leaving a smaller volume of wastewater behind. This results in greater waste capacity per square foot.
  • Control of Overspray: The ability to adjust the direction of each unit's arms and our atomizers' speed allows for consistent overspray control. 
  • Resilient equipment: Our high-quality equipment is the industry's most clog and corrosion-resistant on the global market today. This results in less maintenance costs for your company and fewer production requirements on our end.


If you're interested in learning more about our innovative technology and how it can benefit your business's wastewater management needs, contact us today. Additionally, you can explore our complementary resources and watch our video to see our revolutionary technology in action.

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