Enhanced Evaporation Works Part. 2

Enhanced Evaporation Works Part. 2

Welcome to the second part of our Evaporation Works Series, brought to you by e3 Solutions. As a pioneer in the Tampa-based wastewater industry, we are committed to providing eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions for your wastewater management needs. With over 10 years of experience in developing revolutionary technology, we strive to offer modern solutions that maintain optimum efficiency across the globe, including enhanced evaporation.


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Enhancing Evaporation Efficiency


Evaporation is a natural process that returns pure water vapor to the atmosphere and the hydrologic cycle, leaving behind heavier particulate matter for natural purification. However, various factors such as climate temperature, moisture levels, and cloud cover can affect the rate of natural evaporation in any given area.


At e3 Solutions, we specialize in enhanced evaporation and have developed an innovative technology to enhance evaporation rates specifically in the wastewater management industries. It is easy to install and features a state-of-the-art control panel that allows for full remote operation.


To explain how our systems work in simpler terms, our evaporation systems use centrifugal force to break water down into micron-sized droplets, allowing pure water vapor to return to the atmosphere and heavier waste particulate back into the wastewater body. This allows for more waste storage per square foot, less atmospheric pollution, and reduced overhead costs.


Saving You Money


e3 Solutions offers the only mutually beneficial solution for the environment and your wastewater operation. Here's how our Varimax® and MegaMist® evaporation systems do just that:


Technology Built to Last: All our technology is designed to be clog and corrosion-resistant, with equipment built to withstand High TDS, saline, and even inorganic chemicals found in other various types of wastewater. Our designs eliminate the need for costly and frequent maintenance, enhancing overall productivity and allowing you to focus on your business's day-to-day operations. With less buildup, our products can work harder, better, and longer than other options on the market today.


Smarter Technology: Our control panels are pre-built with a weather station that can be accessed fully remote and can adapt in real-time to relative humidity, dew point, air temperature, wind direction, and speed. Additionally, our Varimax® and MegaMist® technologies use adjustable arms and atomizers to control overspray and particle drift, keeping your waste matter in your wastewater footprint and out of the atmosphere. With technology that adjusts itself for optimum performance, you'll see less energy consumption and more results.


Reduced Water Footprint: Consolidating your waste particulate is crucial to take full advantage of the square footage allotted to your company for wastewater. Enhanced evaporation removes pure water from the wastewater pond, facilitating your business's waste matter storage needs without expanding your physical land requirements.


A Sustainable Business Initiative: In today's world, green business initiatives are more incentivized by both government and private companies than ever before. e3 Solutions provides a powerful evaporation technology that can significantly contribute to any business's sustainability plans and green initiatives. Our Varimax® and MegaMist® technologies are designed to use minimal energy, auto-adapt to the environment, reduce overspray, and alleviate damage to the surrounding ecosystem. Our technology effectively handles wastewater chemicals, ensuring optimal efficiency over an extended period. Ultimately, e3 Solutions' technology is one of the few global product lines capable of driving your business towards green business recognition, a necessity in today's climate.


e3 Solutions is Here to Help


People care about a business’s ethical actions more so than ever before. That’s why obtaining a wastewater solution that is cost-effective, technically efficient, and environmentally friendly is a game changer for your operational needs.


To learn more about how e3 can support your business’s efforts in minimizing your waste footprint, try our free weather analysis! Stay tuned for our 3rd and final part of our Evaporation Works Series, where we’ll delve into the different applications and versatility of our wastewater technology! Contact us today to find out the extensive benefits our technology will have for your business.

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