Newest Varimax Evaporator Edition

Newest Varimax Evaporator Edition


Introducing our newest edition to the Varimax® Line of Evaporators


After months of anticipation, our newest edition has finally arrived. Meet the Varimax®-Mini. This state-of-the-art evaporator is specifically designed for short-term projects or where a permanent installation is not applicable. The new Varimax®-Mini is built with the same quality components as our other Varimax® models but at a fraction of the price and operating costs.


Capable of evaporating up to 25k GPD (depending on the climate), this plug-and-play technology is lightweight, affordable, and easily transportable between projects.


Still, need environmental control options? This mini version can be upgraded to add touch screen capabilities in order to monitor the weather and automatically adjust rpm to wind speed.


Rental and pilot options are also available.




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