e3's Founder

e3's Founder


Bill Blanchard

Chairman and Founder of e3 Solutions


When Bill Blanchard founded e3 Solutions in 2009, he dreamed of bringing better, more efficient solutions to eliminating wastewater. Because mistreated wastewater is a threat to all living creatures, finding the right wastewater disposal technology was a challenge. He saw accelerated evaporation as the commercial solution to the wastewater industry’s biggest challenges.

Since there were limited applications on the market, he decided to take matters into his own hands by building the first prototype of the
Varimax Evaporator in fracking ponds out west. Sure, he had a lot to learn and abandoned multiple concepts, but he continued to have a passion for technology and a desire to change the world. 

Today, we're doing some incredible things at e3 by creating state-of-the-art, efficient evaporation equipment built with unique patented
technology. We’ve made great strides in our applied science and have recently implemented our 4th generation Varimax model.


If you have a processed water issue, we have a solution NOW. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote. 813.223.9000 or contact@evaporationworks.com



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